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Krump definition


Krump is a dance, born within the neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the year 2000. This dance, non violent, despite its aggressive appearance wishes to represent "life" and it’s "experiences".

Given the fast and powerful movements, the rage or anger which appears on the « Krumper’s » faces is only a sign of the intense effort.

In reality there is no physical conflict between the protagonists.

KRUMP is a lifestyle with a unique culture, its own basics, a music specific to its world but especially its particular way of exteriorizing its sensitivity.





Scarred by the gang wars, drug traffic, heavy-handed arrests by the police and the racial violences of 1992, Thomas Johnson, decided to crate the character Tommy the Clown to host birthday parties for children from the ghettos. The word clowning evokes a "life style" (make-up + dance). At this occasion he invented a dance which was quickly imitated by the kids from the neighborhood: clown Growing up, some of these kids developed this new form of expression by creating  KRUMP :  a more aggressive, more powerful version with more developed basics.

The story of how the dance and movement were created is told by David La Chapelle in the famous documentary RIZE


For the two FOUNDERS, Tight Eyez and Big Mijo, this dance is God’s gift  and a street art form of dance. The practice of Krump is growing and has recently been popularized through "battles".


Every Krumper has his own style and identity.


Since the airing of the film Rize, TIGHT EYEZ and his crew the KrumpKings released a series of instruction DVDs on «  How to Krump »

In 2008 he created "Street Kingdom" intending to bring out the best in KRUMP. 

The movement spread out overseas and the first international exchanges happened. Sessions, battles and families emerge all around the world to found a non stop growing and interconected movement.

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