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Madrootz, a large composed family, regroups numerous pioneers of the French Krump movement.

Since 2009 , the Madrootz contribute to the movement’s evolution by their shared interest in transmitting the values of KRUMP and thus forming a union of Krumpers ; Tiger, Wrecker, Flipside, Grichka, Sista G, Yung G, Rulez and Mamarootz.

Through this union the Madrootz explore the multiple faces of KRUMP: Dance, music, video and instruction which are all important pillars of the movement.

The sessions, demanding occasions for exchange, allow the Madrootz members to reveal the power of their dance and affirm their character. The Madrootz have adopted the KRUMP codes : openness, spirituality, composure and the self-transgression.


Since 2011 the rootz have spread from France to Germany, Czech Republic, Senegal, Russia , Japan, Spain Canada and all the way to the USA with NoScript,Kid Ny, West, Lady Madskillz Liveness ,Nebyou, Straight Danger, Seush ,Deep, Slam, Ugly Fate, Twiggz, Joker, Taminator, Tight Eyez , Mijo and Basix. 

The Madrootz use all the means to open up doors to their world, aiming to communicate the spirit of Krump to the public.

This movement is effectively a tool of social peace and an artistic performance laboratory as well as a lifestyle and a philosophy.

This is why they aim to develop an international network with all cultural agents, convinced of the public and artistic utility of Krump. 

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